The Consortium

BVARC are friends of the Consortium

Covering the Basics

It appears that hams who studied for their licenses in the past couple of dozen years aren’t tested for many of the the basic things as old timers. As a result, many new hams have no idea what a dipole is, how transmission lines operate, propagation and many other building blocks that we take for granted. That can be dangerous to the ham and the equipment. The Consortium is run by Bob - W1YRC and Jim - K1GND.

Read this excellent article in the Messenger. It will explain how the so called consortium became a reality.

Topics include:

  • Antenna Basics
  • Soldering PL259s
  • How to choose your first radio
  • Propagation
  • Proper HAM etiquette
  • How to use test equipment
  • Grounding for safety and RF

The Consortium location: Manville Sportsmen's Rod and Gun Club

Here are the dates for 2023 :

  • Monday, January 2
  • Monday, February 6
  • Monday, March 6
  • Monday, April 3
  • Monday, May 1
  • Monday, September TBD
  • Monday, October TBD
  • Monday, November TBD
  • Monday, December TBD

Click Here for Directions to the Consortium at the Manville Sportsmen's Rod and Gun Club

The Consortium Featured in QST!

The April 2018 edition of QST magazine featured an article about the Consortium written by our own Bob Beaudet - W1YRC. The artical describes what we do at the Consortium and how other clubs can start their own program.

Click here to read the article!

BVARC and the Consortium are separate entities