About the Net

Each Wednesday club members and some guests meet on the air to conduct a simplex net. We started doing this some years ago as part of our Woonsocket area ARES program. We wanted to know just how far we could communicate without the use of a repeater. In past emergencies, we found that reliance of commercial power, telephone service and repeaters is quite problematic. When all else fails, we have out own station and battery power to communicate.

Bob Beaudet acts as Net Control because his 2 meter antenna is 85 feet above ground and can hear and be heard by the greatest number of potential net members. We do receive check-ins via Steve Hodell's Echolink node. BVARC members in Florida, Texas, Minnesota and No Carolina regularly check into the net.

First, everyone checks in using their callsign. Then Net Control goes down the list, asking each to say a few words. Each person gets the mike and let's everyone know what they have been up to. We talk about amateur radio, our dog, growing tomatoes, DX contacts, the weather, just about anything. All licensed Hams are welcome! The net is extremely informal and generally closes after about 40-45 minutes. Mark your calendar---146.565 MHz on Wednesday at 7PM local BVARC time.

Regulars on the Net:

WD4AON - Terry Martin
WA1CIG - Ed Krajewski
N1DO - Dick Olney
K1DOC - Steve Hokeness
W1DOR - Warren - Greene
KB1ELW - Sean Spicer
W1HJM - Harry MacDonald
W1HW - Dave St Onge
W1JMZ - Judson Mitsock
W1BRU - Bruce Wood
K1LRS - Lee Smith
K5TRW - Clay Emert
K1MO - Dave Mania
WB1P - Bob Jones
W1AUT - Patty Vilnit
KD5QHV - Bernie Krasowski
N1QY - Ron Evett
AA1VU - Marian Juskuv
WN1X - Jim Littlefield
W1YRC - Bob Beaudet
KC0ZEE - Ray Lawless