Field Day 2023

June 24th and 25th

Watch highlights from our 2018 Field Day!

Directions to Field Day at the Chopmist Hill Senior Center

ARRL Field Day

The Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club will join with thousands of Amateur Radio operators who will be showing off their emergency capabilities on the forth weekend in June. Over the past year, the news has been full of reports of ham radio operators providing critical communications during unexpected emergencies in towns all over the world including wildfires, winter storms, tornadoes, earthqukes and other events world-wide. During Hurricane Katrina, Amateur Radio – often called “Ham radio” - was often the ONLY way people could communicate, and hundreds of volunteer “hams” traveled south to save lives and property.

Get on the Air!


The Blackstone Valley Amateur Radio Club will have a "GOTA" station set-up at this years Field Day event. GOTA stands for "Get On The Air". This station is for unlicensed or newly licensed people that would like to see what Amateur Radio is all about. Experienced radio operators will guide you and help you make your first contact. Bring the kids! Fun for all ages!

You will be able to make contact with other hams from all over the country! The radio signals skip off of the atmosphere and travel great distances. You may even make a "DX" contact in Canada or Europe.

ARRL Field Day 2013

Chopmist Hill

Historic Field Day Site
from the Providence Journal

Seventy years ago this week Rhode Islanders swarmed into the streets with other joyous Americans celebrating the end of World War II. It would be three more months before the world learned of Rhode Island’s top-secret role in defeating Germany and Japan.

It was a tale of espionage, now virtually forgotten, centered in, of all places, an old farmhouse in Scituate.

The clandestine mission that went on up there on Chopmist Hill from 1941 through 1945 not only helped defeat the enemy, historians say, but brought to Rhode Island the representatives of a new organization called the United Nations, looking for a headquarters location.

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ARRL Field Day 2018

Pot Luck!

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