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  • BVARC outdoor elections

  • BVARC outdoor elections

  • BVARC outdoor elections

  • BVARC outdoor elections

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    Club Meeting - on Zoom

    Monday, January 25h
    Due to COVID-19 this meeting will be Online. An email will be sent to all members. If you have questions contact our president, Ken - Trudel. See link below

    Questons about the conference call: Ken - N1RGK

    More information on meetings
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    Amateur Radio license Exams - TBD

    Will resume in the spring
    Due to COVID-19 all Exams have been suspended. Exams will resume in the Spring. Dates TBD

    Exam details and video!
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    The Messenger - Fall Edition!

    The Great Outdoors
    Teri - W1PUP and Roland - KB1RYT have put together a spectacular Fall edition of the Messenger!

    Club members have supplied the content and Teri and Roland have put it all together!

    Check out the latest news and advice in The Messenger! See link below!

    Click here to read The Messenger!
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    Club Elections - OUTDOORS!

    Saturday November 7th
    Our outdoor elections were a huge success! Congratulations! to Ken Trudel - N1RGK, BVARC's new president!

    Full elections results will be mailed to all active members!

    More information on meetings
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    Knight Distinguished Service Award

    Bob - W1YRC
    The Board named veteran ARRL Rhode Island Section Manager Robert G. “Bob” Beaudet, W1YRC, of Cumberland, Rhode Island, as the recipient of the Knight Distinguished Service Award, given to an ARRL Section Manager. Beaudet has been Rhode Island SM since 2002.

    The Board cited Beaudet’s active promotion of ARRL activities in his Section, including visiting hundreds of Field Day operations; participating in many Volunteer Examiner test sessions; attending at countless club meetings; staying active as a contester, DXer, and mentor, and serving as a model to other Section Managers. The Board said “Beaudet’s leadership of the ARRL Rhode Island Section Field Organization has led to a strong working cadre of volunteers within the Section.”

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    Field Day 2020!

    More Photos!!!
    Due to COVID-19 we could not have our traditional Field Day at Chopmist Hill. Instead, we adapted and worked from home or in small groups. It was a great success! I have posted some photos. Click below for MORE PHOTOS!

    More Field Day photos!!!
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    The Consortium - CANCELLED!!!!

    Until Futher Notice
    Due to COVID-19 this meeting has been CANCELLED.

    Basic information for new and old Hams! Learn more about the Consortium by clicking on the links below.

    Learn more about the Consortium
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    ARRL Field Trip Video!

    Video by Judson - W1JMZ
    The club took a wonderful field trip to the ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT. Enjoy this 20 minute video of our trip! It includes a walk-through of the ARRL Screen Room where products are tested by Bob Allison - KB1GCM and a great demonstration of "Old Betsy" Hiram Percy Maxim's spark gap transmitter from the 1920's by the W1AW station manager, Joe - NJ1Q.

    Click on the link below to watch the video!

    ARRL Field Trip Video!!
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    ARRL Field Trip Photos!!

    Photos by Marc - W1MCX
    The club took a wonderful field trip to the ARRL Headquarters in Newington, CT. Marc - W1MCX took a lot of excellent photos of the event! Click on the link below to view the photos.

    ARRL field trip photos!
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    The Consortium in QST!

    Feature article!
    The April 2018 edition of QST magazine featured an article about BVARC's Consortium written by our own Bob Beaudet - W1YRC. The artical describes what we do at our Consortium and how other clubs can start their own program.

    Click here to read the article!
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    BVARC Simplex Net!

    Wednesday nights at 7:00pm on 146.565 mhz
    Check into the BVARC Simplex Net! We talk about amateur radio, hummingbirds, tomatoes, the weather, and anything else that seems real important! Everyone is welcome!
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    Get your Ham Tags!

    Ham tags are NOT vanity plates! If you have an active amateur radio licence you are elegible to have your FCC callsign on your plate at the normal cost!

    Click here for application form!
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    Join the ARRL!

    If you haven't joined the ARRL, you should strongly consider doing it now! Don't take the Amateur Bands for granted. The ARRL fights constantly to keep private industry from infinging on the Amateur Bands. They lobby the FCC on YOUR behalf. There is a lot of pressure to re-allocate Amateur Bands for business use.

    In order for ARRL to make the case that the Amateur Bands should be preserved, they need to demostrate that there is a real interest in Amateur Radio. Dues paying members provide the money and clout the ARRL needs. This is just one reason you should be a member.

    Check out the ARRL website!

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