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    Christmas Party!

    Saturday, December 4th
    BVARC’s Christmas Party will be held on Saturday December 4, 2021 from 5:00 to 9:00 PM. The location is Bella Restaurant in Nasonville, RI. Bella will serve Family Style chicken, soup, ice cream/cake (provided by a club member) and coffee. A cash bar will be available. The cost is $20 for club members and $30 for non-members

    Tickets will go on sale at the October 25th club meeting and the November 1st Consortium. Cash or checks made out to BVARC will be accepted. You can also purchase tickets directly from a member of the Christmas Party Committee.

    Everyone is welcome for an evening of great food and company.
    Ginny Jones, N1WWG
    Patty Vilnit, W1AUT
    Bob Jones, WB1P
    Ray Vilnit, KC1HQB

    Click here to watch a short video from the 2019 party!
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    Club Meeting at Our Saviour's Parish!

    Monday, November 29th
    We are planning on having an old fashioned, in-person meeting at Our Saviour's Parish.

    New members are welcome! Our club is for anyone intested in Amateur Radio. We have members who are electronics gurus and many members that are not electronics experts, but enjoy making contacts and operating radios.

    Questons about the meeting: Ken - N1RGK

    More information on meetings
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    The Consortium

    December 6th - 7:00pm
    The Consortium will ride again. But it won't be at 7the Asia Grille, at least not for the present. They have not been able to hire enough staff to support our activity and they have used the meeting room for storage. The Asia Grille and I hope that the Consortium can return sometime next year, although this is uncertain at this time.

    So, we had to search for another meeting site. Thanks to the work of our BVARC president, N1RGK and one of our newest members, KD1NJD, an alternate meeting place was secured at least until the end of 2021. The Manville Sportsmen's Club, 250 High St., Manville, RI has a large hall which we can use for our October 4th, November 1st and December 6th meetings. If we need more time, it is felt that something can be agreed upon at the time. The Manville site is only a couple of miles from the Asia Grille.

    The next meeting will be Monday December 6th at 7:00 PM. Doors will be open at 5:00pm I can hear you groaning over the fact that Manville Sportsmen's Club does not serve food. I apologize for that, but you may bring in your own "take-out" from some restaurant of your choice which you could not do at the Asia Grille.

    Learn more about the Consortium
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    Amateur Radio license Exams - Indoors!

    Saturday, December 11th
    IN DOOR event at Our Saviours Parish!

    It will be held at Our Saviours Parish, 500 Smithfield Road (146A) on December 11th, at 9:00am. Pre-registration preferred and Pre-completed 605 form required.

    Study for your license today! Don't put if off! No code required! Just think of how much fun you will have with a genuine Amateur Radio license!

    Exam details and video!
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    The Messenger - Fall Edition!

    One Big Ham Party!
    Teri - W1PUP and Ron - KB1RYT have put together a spectacular Fall edition of the Messenger!

    Club members have supplied the content and Teri and Ron have put it all together!

    Check out the latest news and advice in The Messenger! See link below!

    Click here to read The Messenger!
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    Field Day 2021!


    Field was a huge success! Great weather!, Great friends!, and Great food!. Click on the link below to see the fist photos uploaded by club members.

    Click here to see the first photos!

    Click here form more information on Field Day!
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    The Consortium in QST!

    Feature article!
    The April 2018 edition of QST magazine featured an article about BVARC's Consortium written by our own Bob Beaudet - W1YRC. The artical describes what we do at our Consortium and how other clubs can start their own program.

    Click here to read the article!
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    BVARC Simplex Net!

    Wednesday nights at 7:00pm on 146.565 mhz
    Check into the BVARC Simplex Net! We talk about amateur radio, hummingbirds, tomatoes, the weather, and anything else that seems real important! Everyone is welcome!
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    Get your Ham Tags!

    Ham tags are NOT vanity plates! If you have an active amateur radio licence you are elegible to have your FCC callsign on your plate at the normal cost!

    Click here for application form!
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    Join the ARRL!

    If you haven't joined the ARRL, you should strongly consider doing it now! Don't take the Amateur Bands for granted. The ARRL fights constantly to keep private industry from infinging on the Amateur Bands. They lobby the FCC on YOUR behalf. There is a lot of pressure to re-allocate Amateur Bands for business use.

    In order for ARRL to make the case that the Amateur Bands should be preserved, they need to demostrate that there is a real interest in Amateur Radio. Dues paying members provide the money and clout the ARRL needs. This is just one reason you should be a member.

    Check out the ARRL website!

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